Top 15 Most Popular Happy Friendship Day Wishes to Wish Your Friends {*All New Collection 2015*}

Happy Friendship  Day wishes to wish their friends on Friendship Day. Friends are always present for us in happy and bad situations and has been our guide in entire part of our life. We can wish our friends by saying wishes on Friendship Day wishes which are quoted here . Now it is our turn to convey our love and respect towards him on most appropriate occasion to convey all our appreciation by saying some wishes on Friendship Day. They have been our inspiration,motivation in every nook part of our life.These are some of the best   Friendship Day wishes which you will rarely and make use of this Friendship day wishes to wish your Friends a happy Friendship day.

Happy Friendship day 2015!!

Top 15 Most Popular Happy Friendship Day Wishes:

1. A smart friend is sort of a good undergarment. laborious to seek out, terribly snug, supportive, holds you up once you square measure down & perpetually near the center. Love you, dear bra..
(Perfect for the boys ;) )
2. am i able to keep here in metropolis inbox & wait until fifth August therefore i will be able to be the first person to want HAPPY friendly DAY?
(Send this one at once if you recognize you are going to forget.)

3. Love is DOCOMO, do the new.
Marriage is idea, will modification metropolis life.
Wife is HUTCH, wherever ever you go she follows.
But friendly relationship is AIRTEL, ek atut bandhan.
(For the punk beau UN agency bores you along with his wannabee one-liners.)

Happy Friendship day 2015!!

4. each garden should have a rose, each sweet face should have a smile, each grass should have some condensate & every body within the world should have a devotee like “YOU”. Happy friendly relationship Day!
(For the regular friend.)
5. A succor is sort of a four leaf trefoil, laborious to seek out and lucky to own. Happy friendly relationship Day, BFF!!!
(Yes, you guessed right – this one’s for the BFF!)

Happy Friendship day 2015!!

6. Crazy days and screwed up nights,
Tons of Crushes and stupid fights,
Secrets we are going to want the grave,
Pictures we are going to forever save.
Through thick and skinny,
Always true.
Friends forever,
Me n U!
(For the school buddies you will always remember.)
7. friendly relationship is sort of a computer;
I ‘enter’ metropolis life,
‘save’ u in my heart,
‘format’ metropolis issues,
& ne’er ‘delete’ u from my memory!
Happy friendly  Day.
(You may send this to your alternative punk friend.)

Happy Friendship day 2015!!

8. If you wish recommendation, text me… if you wish a devotee, call me … if you wish Maine, come to me… if you wish cash…….. SUBSCRIBER can not be REACHED! Happy friendly  Day!
(Always bumming you, huh? Drop this not-so-subtle hint…LOL)
9. GOD is therefore wise, he did not produce FRIENDS with value tags as a result of if He did, i could not afford YOU!!! Happy friendly Day!
(For the one UN agency has stood by you.)
10. Friendships is like wine: it gets higher because it grows OLDER. rather like US… i purchase higher, U grow up ;) Happy friendly Day

Happy Friendship day 2015!!

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