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Friendship day 2015 is nearing and you must be waiting to wish your best friends Happy friendship day using friendship day message  which are available online.You will never see these kind of top 10 remarkable friendship day message so,why would you waste your time searching for top friendship day message online  when these message are available on our Friendship day zone blog.   When we had a first talk i knew that we would be always be friends. Our friendship is keep on growing and i'll be here for you to end when you a problem i'm not going to allow you to face them here are the top 10 remarkable friendship day message you would ever can share these top 10 friendship day message on facebook,twitter,G+,pinterest,etc on this Friendship Day 2015 which in on August 3rd
Friend are not give by god we should make them. Making a many friends is not big task but the who stand beside you when many are against you.Now a days people are searching for Friendship day messages in english,Friendship day message in hindi,Friendship day message in spanish,etc so here we are with top 10 Friendship Day Messages for this Friendship Day 2015

Happy Friendship day


Top 10 Remarkable Friendship day message 2015:

Though miles may lie between us
        we are never far apart,
for friendship doesn't count miles
    its measured by the heart.

Happy Friendship day

A friend is someone you
can be alone with and have
nothing to do and not be able 
to think of anything to say and 
be comfortable in the silence.

Wishing you  a happy friendship day


True friendship is hard to find,
specially a friendship like yours and mine.

Friendship means understanding,
not agreement.
Friendship means forgiveness,
not forgetting.
Friendship means the memories last,
even if contact is lost.

If you have a best buddies in your life,
no matter how much life is disgusting,
they can make you laugh hard.

Happy friendship day

Friendship is not about finding similarities, 
it is about respecting differences.

Wishing you a happy friendship day

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